CMOS Password Boot Disk

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CMOS Password Boot Disk   Empty CMOS Password Boot Disk

Post by ang3l on Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:40 am

CMOS Password Boot Disk 890K (6-July-2002)
If you have lost or do not know the CMOS password (BIOS password) of your PC, then this boot disk may help. Make a note of which BIOS you have (shown at boot-up press the "Pause/Break" key to freeze the boot-up display), then boot your PC with this boot disk. If you are lucky, your PC is configured to try booting from the floppy drive and will therefore boot with this boot disk; it will then diplay a screen of all possible BIOS passwords. Simply locate your BIOS manufacturer and try all combinations of passwords displayed for that manufacturer.


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