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Cydia install Hackulo Empty Cydia install Hackulo

Post by sunt on Fri Jul 23, 2010 5:18 pm

Here is how to sync cracked apps to itunes on the 3.1.2 firmware!
Cydia Source: http:/
How To Install Cracked Apps Tutorial:
Installous Password: Cavern
1) First go to cydia and and install the source
2) Then download appsync 3.1
3) Also download installous.
4) Go to installous and download all the cracked apps you want.
4) Go to installous and go to settings, and then turn itunes sync ON.
5) Go to your itunes, and plug in ipod.
6) Go the top left corner of itunes, and click on transfer purchases.
7) Your cracked apps should now be all syncing to itunes!

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