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Post by sunt on Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:35 am

FACT!! men who live in Reykjavik on average have the biggest penises in the world, ahhhh so thats why mums go to iceland.

royal mail have a new stamp with a picture of a fanny on it.sadly it has had to be removed as 75% of men don't know how to lick it properly!!

Some People say the glass is half full, some people say the glass is half empty. I say "Are you gonna drink that?".

sadly the chavs have been forced to cancel their christmas nativity play, as they couldn't find 3 wise men.... or a virgin!!!

Boy see's her mum and dad having sex! Dad say's "were making you a brother" Boy replies " do her doggy style i rather have a puppy".

Man shouts 2 wife"Cum look at my clock"wife walks in2 find huby naked,with hard on.Wife says"dats not
aclock.Huby"Wi ll b when u put 2hands&face on it.

Jack & Jill went up the hill & planned to do some kissing, Jack made a pass & grabbed Jill's ass & now two of Jack's teeth are missing!!!

ever wondered if ur mum kissed u good night after givin ur dad a blow job? bet u r now lol.

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