How to Un-Register DLLs files.

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How to Un-Register DLLs files. Empty How to Un-Register DLLs files.

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DLL (Dynamic Link Library) refers to a type of file that is stored either locally or remotely and is a collection of commands and/or data which can be shared by different programs on the same platform.

Typical DLL files contain commands and/or data that are common to a certain task, for instance Windows has many DLL files built-in which other programs access and utilise. A common example of this is spool32.dll which is used for printing control within Windows 95/98 by other applications.

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# Please go to “Start” and then click on “Run”
# Now in the Run command box, type “cmd“, and then click on “OK”
# Type “regsvr32 /u filename.dll” where “filename” is the name of the file that you like to Unregister.

See the example below …

How to Unregister Dlls files


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